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Who We Are

German Bratwurst was founded in 2011 by Jens and Nicole Wohld, who are originally from Hamburg, Germany. They both come from multigenerational families of showmen and have been working on street fairs, events, Christmas markets, and different areas of the hospitality industry all of their lives.

How It All Began

A trip to NYC in 2007 - everything else is history

Considering that Jens and Nicole worked as showmen, it's not surprising that they ended up starting their own street food business. What is surprising, however, is that they chose to do so in New York City.


So let's take a step back...


Everything started in 2007, when the couple took a trip to New York. As most tourists do around Christmastime, they decided to visit Bryant Park Christmas market.


"When we visited New York in 2007, we immediately fell in love with the city. After visiting Bryant Park Christmas market, we felt compelled to bring German tradition to the Big Apple." 


What started as a dream turned into reality in winter of 2011, which was when Jens and Nicole decided they wanted to organize a German Christmas market in NYC.


Over the next seven years, German Bratwurst traveled between the US and Germany, serving their beloved German street food at events across Germany and New York.


Since 2018, German Bratwurst has its permanent home in NYC. During the spring and summer months, you can visit their Oktoberfest-style food stand on Clearview Festival street food markets across Manhattan and Queens.


And of course, Jens and Nicole would never give up their vision of a traditional German Christmas market in NYC - find them at Urban Space's Bryant Park and Union Square Christmas markets in the winter.

Our Bratwurst Stand


Not Just Street Food...

The German Bratwurst journey doesn't end with street food (although we love serving you our delicious brats every weekend). In the near future, we plan on expanding our business to include the following services: 


In our online shop, you'll be able to purchase exclusive gift baskets and meal packages, so you can bring traditional German cuisine to your home and those of your loved-ones. 


We offer a catering service for large events, such as birthdays, weddings, or business dinners. You can choose from a variety of traditional German main courses and side dishes, such as roulladen, red cabbage, and potato dumplings.

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